BMS shares sunny weather with intermittent showers for Barbados

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Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) shared a weather update that the people of Barbados may witness a mix of sunshine and clouds with intermittent scattered light showers.  

It is to be noted that a weak low-level trough of synopsis is affecting the island.

Winds Forecast

Winds across Barbados: BMS further shared that there will be a gentle east-north easterly to easterly breeze from 20 to 30 km/hour, which is equal to 12 to 19 mph and steady.

Marine Forecast

General Swell Information: It is forecasted that seas will remain smoothy, to moderate in open water with swells ranging between 1.0 to 2.0 meters, equal to 3 to 7 ft and increasing.

Dust- Haze Forecast

Fortunately, there is no significant dust haze forecasted across the regions of Barbados.

Next day weather update


Tuesday, January 2, 2023

 As per BMS, the people of Barbados may experience a mix of clear skies and clouds with intermittent scattered light showers. A surface-to-low-level trough of synopsis will be affecting the island.


It is to be noted that on December 28, BMS issued a flash-flood warning for Barbados as the message was valid from Thursday afternoon till 6 PM of the same day.

A flash-flood watch is issued when heavy or excessive rainfall in a short period (generally less than 6 hours) could result in flash flooding within the watch area.

Hazard Information

A combination of light wind speeds and adequate daytime heating has generated some moderate to heavy showers across some central districts. These showers are forecast to spread across the island during the afternoon, with rainfall accumulation of 25.0 or 50.0 mm in moderate to heavy showers.

As a result, BMS had issued a flash flood warning.

Air quality update

The air quality is generally acceptable for the majority of people; however, sensitive groups may witness minor to moderate symptoms from long-term exposure.

It is to be noted that there is no high chance of isolated thunderstorms in either the shelter or non-shelter areas.

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