Bartica businessman arrested for Unlawful Possession of Ammunition

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Georgetown, Guyana: Carl Reddy, a 57-year-old businessman of Second Avenue Bartica, was apprehended for Unlawful possession of ammunition on Friday.

It is to be noted that he was remanded to prison last Friday at Kumung Kumung Landing near Puruni River for possessing ammunition without a License.

Notably, Reddy appeared at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court on December 27, 2023, before Magistrate Lambert, where the charge was read to him, and he pleaded not guilty.

However, he was taken into custody as the matter will be recalled on January 19, 2024.

Details of the matter

On Friday, December 22, ranks of the Guyana police force conducted an operation between 18:30 and 20:00 hours in Regional Division #7. During the exercise, they searched multiple shops and persons.

Notably, the officers seized motorcar #PTT 3770, which was driven and owned by the accused (Reddy), who is also called ‘Brother Carl.’

It is to be noted that officers immediately conducted a search on Reddy and his vehicle, and they discovered the following rounds of ammunition.

  • Twenty (20) 16-gauge cartridges
  • Thirty (30) 20- gauge cartridges
  • One hundred and thirty (130) .32 rounds
  • Fifty-seven (57) 12-gauge cartridges
  • One hundred and eleven (111) 9MM rounds
  • Forty-nine (49) .40 rounds
  • Two (2) .25 rounds

    Rounds of ammunition found in Reddy's vehicle. (Credits: Guyana Daily News, Facebook)
    Rounds of ammunition found in Reddy’s vehicle. (Credits: Guyana Daily News, Facebook)

Moreover, ranks also found one 12-gauge Browning single-barrel shotgun in his vehicle, for which Reddy produced a license.

As soon as this news circulated on social media platforms, many people shared their opinions and points of view regarding the matter by commenting on it.

While reacting to the news, one person named Dennis Nelson wrote, “Look u, all loose that man and let him walk free, he is not a bandit, he is a businessman for years and most of u policemen that work in the interior knows bro CARL as a businessman and not a bandit and please issue him fire arm license to carry arms and ammunition, he is a respectable guy don’t discredit this man like if he is a bandit.”

Another person named Morlene Persaud commented, “The man can’t protect himself. Self they going to take the gun and give it to the bandit to go back to the same man just time.”

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