Barbados Weather to remain cloudy with few moderate showers

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Barbados Weather: The people of Barbados may experience a mix of sunshine and cloudy weather with a few scattered light to moderate showers on December 22, 2023.

Synopsis: Surface to low-level instability is affecting the island throughout the day.

Winds: Winds are forecasted to be gentle, with the easterly breeze at around 20 km/hour (12 mph) and decreasing.

Marine Forecast

General swell information: Seas are detected to be smooth to moderate in open water with swells ranging between 1.0 to 2.0 meters (3 to 7 ft), and there is a chance of increasing the swells as well.

Dust-Haze Forecast: There is no significant dust haze forecasted across the regions of Barbados.

Weather after 6:00 PM 

The weather will remain a mix of clear skies and clouds with the occasional scattered light showers.

Winds are forecasted to remain gentle in the easterly breeze from 20 to 30 km/hour (12 to 19mph) and increasing.

Marine Forecast

Marines are detected to be smooth to moderate in open water with swells spanning from 1.0 to 2.0 meters (3 to 7 ft) and increasing.

Next Day weather discussion

Barbados Meteorological Service’s (BMS) data showed surface-to-low-level moisture on the southwestern periphery of a building surface-to-low-level ridge pattern located over Barbados and the southern Windward Islands.

Additionally, some dryness was noticeable in the lower mid-to upper-level atmosphere 15 over the region. As a result, the areas mentioned above may experience some isolated rain with clear skies and clouds.

Surface to low-level moisture will spread across the island chain from the equatorial region.

As a consequence, continued wet conditions will continue across the region. In due course of time, this activity spread across the Leeward Islands after midday.

Weather: Saturday

A surface-to-low-level central Atlantic ridge pattern will strengthen across Barbados and the eastern Caribbean.

However, short wave troughs at the upper level over our area are likely to disturb fair weather conditions.

Due to troughs, instability is expected to remain across the central and north western Caribbean due to a series of low-level troughs.

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