Barbados Weather Forecast for 8 January 2024

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Barbados Weather: The residents of Barbados are likely to experience a mixture of sunshine and cloudy weather along with the occasional brief scattered light to moderate showers on Monday, 8 January 2024, as stated by Barbados Meteorological Service.

Weather from 6:00 am

Winds Forecast: According to the information, winds are anticipated to be fresh in east-northeasterly to easterly breeze from 35 to 45 km/h (22 to 28 mph).

Marine Forecast: Seas are detected to be moderate in open water with swells ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 metres (5 to 8 ft) and increasing. Small craft operators and sea bathers should exercise caution, as stated by Barbados Meteorological Service.

Dust-haze Forecast: No significant dust haze is likely to be witnessed across the regions of Barbados, as per the information stated by the source.

Synopsis: A weak surface to the low-level shear line will be affecting the island.

Weather after 6:00 pm

Winds Forecast: Winds are anticipated to be moderate in the easterly breeze from 30 to 35 km/h (19 to 22 mph), said Barbados Meteorological Service.

Marine Forecast: As per the information, seas are detected to be moderate in open water with swells ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 metres (5 to 8 ft) and increasing.

Forecasting of Tides, Sunrise and Sunset

  • The first high tide is likely to appear at 1:52 am.
  • The residents can witness the second high tide by 12:59 pm.
  • The first low tide is likely to be experienced by 6:47 am.
  • The people may experience a second low tide by 8:00 pm.
  • The sunrise is likely to be witnessed at 6:23 am.
  • The sun is likely to be set by 5:47 pm.

Overall Caribbean weather

Eastern Caribbean: A surface-to-low-level shear line generated some occasional cloudiness and brief showers across Barbados and the southern Windwards. The northern portion of the region saw mostly clear skies as a ridge was dominant. Guyana remained under the influence of a ridge which restricted deep convective development. At the same time, Guyana and Suriname saw cloudy to overcast skies and light to moderate showers with low-level troughing across the area.

Western Caribbean: A frontal boundary generated some cloudiness and showers across the northern Bahamas. Elsewhere, a high-pressure system remained the dominant feature across the region and mostly fair conditions prevailed.

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