Barbadian govt to launch Human Trafficking Sensitisation Campaign

Barbadian govt to launch Human Trafficking Sensitisation Campaign

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Barbados: The Barbadian Government has taken a step towards erasing Human Trafficking in the region and raising awareness against this evil practice.


On March 16, 2022 (Wednesday), the government has announced the launch of a Human Trafficking Sensitisation Campaign. The main objective behind this campaign would educate the people about the impact of this crime.


The prime focus of the Human Trafficking Sensitisation Campaign will be primary school children as well as visitors.


“The Government has launched a Human Trafficking Sensitisation Campaign to educate the public about this serious crime that impacts the globe. This sensitisation and education campaign will target all members of society, including primary school children and visitors,” the government informed.


To provide safety to the country’s citizens, the government has provided a helpline number of Police services and a Crisis Hotline.


“If you know or have evidence of someone being trafficked, call the Barbados Police Service at 430-7332 or 430-7333; the Crisis Hotline at 435-8222 or 287-9344 or email,” it remarked.


The government also shared why a trafficked person is reluctant to seek help. It mentioned, “They are threatened that if they tell anyone, they or their families will be hurt; they do not see themselves as a trafficked person or victim; they may have complex relationships with their traffickers that involve deep levels of psychological conditioning based on fear or misplace feelings of love”.


The Barbadian Cabinet approved an anti-trafficking national action plan in March 2021. The plan was developed in collaboration with two foreign governments; it was announced through a press release. The government informed that it has allocated around 125,000 BDS (or $61.880) to implement the plan for the next two years.


“As an action item, the plan included conducting a study to determine the nature and extent of trafficking in the country, which would subsequently guide the government’s efforts to combat trafficking,” as per some official notification.