Antiguan government announced lottery prizes for vaccinated citizens

59.3% population of St Kitts and Nevis got vaccinated
59.3% population of St Kitts and Nevis got vaccinated

To take up all 6,000 doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-9 vaccines till June 30 as they will be getting expired on that date. For encouraging the citizens of the country, the government have announced weekly lotteries prizes that is a beneficial plan.

EC$5,00 was the amount that could be won 4 lotteries each by any citizen of the country who is vaccinated. Melford Nicholas announced.


Melford Nicholas said that the cabinet had given their approval collectively that everyone who had taken their first dose of vaccine from the starting of march when the vaccination programme was started they all can participate in this as they all are eligible.

The lottery is going to be drawn on a weekly basis, with residents not wanting to register since data taken by the Health Ministry throughout the vaccination process are going to be wont to form the pool from which weekly winners are going to be chosen.

A week prior, the government announced that everyone who has taken a first vaccine dose between June 7 and June 30 would be entered into a raffle for an 8,000-square-foot parcel of land valued at EC $68,000 (US$25,161).

Nicholas said that they had undoubtedly received some feedback, and they think that was in order that no one might feel disenfranchised or disadvantaged. Accordingly, the incentive would be made available to all persons who had been vaccinated.

Nicholas said that this plan had a positive reaction. Mainly on the citizens of other Caribbean islands. He seems to had responded well to the initiative in terms of coming forward for their vaccines.

According to the Ministry of Health, almost 35,000 residents in Antigua and Barbuda have received the primary dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, while on the brink of 23,000-second amounts of doses are administered.


Antigua and Barbuda received 16,800 more vaccine doses on Wednesday afternoon. It had been the ultimate shipment of the allocation of vaccines from the COVAX Facility.