Antigua Food Forum set to return, promotes sustainable food practices

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Antigua and Barbuda: The 2nd Annual Food Forum is all set to take place on Tuesday, 7th May 2024 at the John E St. Luce Finance and Conference Center. The forum is a part of Antigua and Barbuda’s Restaurant Week 2024 which promises to offer several mouth-watering local delicacies to all its attendees with a vision to promote local flavours and taste with sustainable culinary practices.

The tourism authority is eager to welcome all the food lovers to witness a culinary experience which they have never witnessed before. The forum will be held under the theme “Nourishing the future” which focuses on promoting the talents of the island nation willing to try their hands on cooking. 

Along with that, it is also a great platform for the tourism authority to promote the local chefs and offer them an opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity through their culinary skills. 

A food forum will be conducted with the vision to spark conversations revolving around the themes of farm, sustainability and sea-to-table practices, culinary traditions, innovation and global fusion. 

The citizens that are invited to join the Forum 

The Ministry of Tourism has extended invitations to chefs, restaurateurs, Food and Beverage Managers, Hospitality Industry Stakeholders, Sustainable Farming and Fishing Advocates. Along with that, they have also welcomed culinary students and educators, food enthusiasts, media and critics. 

All these attendees are expected to contribute to the forum with their creative ideas and plans, fostering local cuisines and delicacies of Antigua and Barbuda

The Food Forum to conduct discussions

The Food Forum of Antigua and Barbuda will also be conducting panel discussions on several topics whose primary objective is to enhance the business of chefs and restaurateurs of the twin-island nation. 

The topics that will be discussed include Sustainability in the Culinary World, Innovation in Food and Beverage and The Business of Food: Trends and Future Outlook. These discussions will emphasise implementing food practices which will sustain for upcoming generations. It will also cover the issues related to the sources of raw food material to ensure the quality of the cuisines, prioritizing the health of the foodies. 

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