Antigua: Bathlodge man dies after being struck by excavator

Antigua: Bathlodge man dies after being struck by excavator

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Antigua and Barbuda: A tragic accident claimed the life of a 33-year-old man from Bathlodge, Antigua. The police officers are currently conducting an investigation on the scene to figure out the circumstances that led to the death of the man.

As per the information shared by the authorities, it is clear that the Bathlodge man died after being struck by a heavy duty machine. The machine that killed the Bathlodge man is reported to be an excavator.

Sharing the details of the incidents further the officials shared that the accident took place at the quarry in Bendals.

As the information spread, he was taken out and transported to the hospital by the Emergency Medical Services. After conducting the checkup and examining the injuries and the victim, the medical professionals pronounced the Bathlodge man dead.

By the time the investigation unfolds and the officers find out the actual incident that took away the life of the Bathlodge man, the officials are trying to make the operators and contractors aware of the safety measures to follow while using heavy duty machines.

The police have been continuously appealing the workers who operate heavy duty equipment on various sites to be extra cautious while using the machinery. The machinery should be used by trained workers so as to avoid such incidents in the future.

The locals and the police officials have extended their condolences to the family of the Bathlodge man who died after being struck by heavy duty machinery while working.