Antigua and Barbuda to host V.C. Bird Day: Know Details

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Antigua and Barbuda: The Labour party of the country invites the comrades to be the part of activities to be held in the country under V.C. Bird Day ( Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Snr. Days).

To commemorate the occasion, two services are scheduled for December 10 and 11 at two different venues. The complete information is as follows:

  • V.C. Bird Church Service on December 10 (Sunday) at 10:30 am at Salvation Army Citadel.
  • Wreath Laying Ceremony on December 11 (Monday) at 8:30 am at V.C. Bird Bust

Significantly, the government of the country has declared December 11, 2023 as public holiday on account of V.C. Bird Day. Also, the Labour Department made it clear that all the employees who are scheduled to work on public holidays will be paid their regular wage in addition to an hourly rate of 150% of their basic rate per hour worked.

V.C. Bird Day

Every year, December 9 is considered as the V.C. Bird Day as the mark of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird’s birthday. V.C Bird was the first prime minister of the country, and is known as the father of Antigua and Barbuda.

Interestingly, he even became the first recipient of the Order of the National Hero in 1994. Along with him, there were 4 more citizens who were made National Heroes. Names to them are as follows:

  • King Court Tackey
  • Sir Vivian Richards
  • Sir George Helbert Walter
  • Sir Lester Bryant

Also, the V.C. Bird Day is celebrated to celebrate the unity of the citizens of the country. 

Considerably, the holiday was first introduced by the son of Sir Vere Cornwall. However, when Lester Bird’s (son of Sir V.C.) the Labour Party was defeated in 2004. The other party named it National Heroes Day.

Then, in 2014, the Labour party returned to power and the holiday again got changed to V.C. Bird Day  and separate day was announced for the celebration of National Heroes Day that is October 25.

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