Antigua and Barbuda plans to use stem cell therapy for treating COVID patients

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The Government of Antigua and Barbuda is examining stem cell therapy to use it as a mechanism for treating COVID-19 patients. 

Prime Minister Gaston Browne noted his administration is aware of an individual who is being treated overseas and has shown positive results, noting that stem cells could be the reason behind this. 

PM Browne asserted, “We are presuming it is the stem cells that would have resulted in that miraculous turnaround. But again, we need more data to come to a final conclusion”. 

He informed that his administration talked to Dr Joseph John and asked him to import some stem cells and to keep some of them in stock for the island so as to use stem cells as a possible treatment. Dr Joseph John has recently established a multi-million dollar private medical complex in Antigua and Barbuda

PM Browne, following his statement, added that “We have even asked him to get on to the – Technical Working Committee so that he and others can share the data so that they can continue to review the – efficacy of that type of treatment”. 

“As you would know, we would have established the legal & regulatory framework here in Antigua and Barbuda for the use of stem cells”. 

Prime Minister outlined that he has the vision to make Antigua and Barbuda “the stem cells capital of the world”.  

Apart from this, he added that the government of Antigua and Barbuda is intended to make feasible data related to the efficacy and safety of the stem cell “to the rest of the world” so that the other nations can take benefit from it. 

What is stem cell therapy: 

Stem-cell therapy is the – use of stem cells to treat or prevent a – disease or condition. As of – 2016, the only established therapy using – stem cells is hematopoietic – “stem cell transplantation”.