Antigua and Barbuda: Pillars of Hercules and Mermaid Gardens, must visit places 

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Antigua and Barbuda: The tourism committee of the country (Antigua and Barbuda Tourism) features stunning attractions, Pillars of Hercules and Mermaid Gardens on January 3, 2024 (Thursday).

Small Beautiful Islands, Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean gemstone with 365 beaches and tons from which Pillar of Hercules and Mermaid Gardens is the one. The place gives the complete essence of wonderful and peaceful nature.

Pillars of Majestic Hercules offer great views and an amazing walk through nature. Also, one can experience the chills with mermaids at Mermaid Gardens.

Pillars of Hercules

The ‘Pillars of Hercules’ are the incredible limestone cliffs having a short walk around the Galleon Bay. This short walk offers all the fun of scrambling over rocks, big boulders and dodging waves.

This must visit tourist place is carved out over more than thousands of years by wind, rain or ocean which has created the columns to it, aligning the shore. The place has a panoramic view, which allows the viewers to take fabulous photographs.

This even states that the ones who love to take photos or get clicked can find this the best place to visit for themselves.

Mermaid Gardens

Mermaid Gardens, is located near the Pillars of Hercules as one can just hike back up the hill and can avail all the fun the place offers. The beautiful rock pools give splendid swimming experiences with refreshing and welcoming relief. 

Many visitors go to explore these places to experience the beauty of the place. And, they have declared it as Absolute love by presenting their views on the place by mentioning it as an “ Absolutely beautiful, Fantastic place.” Such comments have even allured many other people to share photographs of the places.

Such shared glimpses further turned into fuel for the economic boost. As with this, tourism will have an upwards trend, similarly the inflow in the region through tourism will follow the same.

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