Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force hosts TCCC Programme
Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force hosts TCCC Programme
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Antigua and Barbuda: The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) Crabbes Training Area (CTA), the primary training base for ABDF Personnel, was host to a TCCC program being facilitated by the AUA Emergency Medicine Training Centre(EMTC) – Paratus.

The intensely physical course ran for two weeks, and students comprised a cross-section of personnel from ABDF, RABPF, Immigration Dept, and ONDCP.

In a short graduation ceremony held at AUA’s EMTC classroom, the importance of the course was stressed by Dr Courtney Lewis, Asst. Director of EMTC. He reminded the students that though within their respective operations, they may not face combat casualties as in war or violent criminal activity, they may face casualties in disaster response, HA/DR situations, or even generally at home.

Their successful completion of the course has upgraded their toolbox to improve the quality of service they provide to the nation and region. Having the cross-agency TCCC course brings the agency operators onto the same sheet of skillsets to ensure that when joint operations occur, chemistry and collaboration will be more seamless and more efficient.

As with ABDF Paratus, all agencies represented continue to provide excellent service in securing the nation.