Antigua and Barbuda anticipates to mark 500,000 cruise passengers

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Antigua and Barbuda: The Tourism Authority of Antigua and Barbuda is anticipated to cross the mark of 500,000 cruise passengers this year. This number of tourists signifies the unwavering commitment and dedication of the tourism ministry to elevating the nation to greater heights. 

The Operations manager at Antigua Cruise Port, Rawle Reynolds stated that the port has marked the arrival of 4,29,000 passengers and soon it will complete the significant milestone of welcoming 5 lakh cruise passengers by the end of April. 

The year 2024 has remained a significant year for the cruise tourism of Antigua and Barbuda. The Antigua Cruise Port has also set a remarkable record of hosting over 10,000 passengers in a single day which reflects the boost that the cruise industry has witnessed this year. 

Along with that, the island nation has made history by welcoming 15,808 passengers with the arrival of six cruise ships with four vessels docking at Heritage Quay Port and the other two at the Falmouth Harbour Port. 

In the last few months, Antigua and Barbuda has welcomed several cruise ships to its shores which has not only created a surge in the tourism sector but has also enhanced the economic conditions of the country, leading to growth and development of the nation. 

Moreover, the tourism authority of Antigua and Barbuda is expected to welcome over 800,000 cruise passengers by the end of the year which will further play a huge role in increasing the numbers of tourists. 

The Ministry of Tourism of the island nation has taken several measures in order to make Antigua and Barbuda the perfect destination spot for all its travellers. The passengers docked at the shores of the island nation have not only explored the magnificent and unparalleled beauty of the island nation but have also enjoyed the vibrant culture and traditions of the country. 

Antigua and Barbuda has accomplished several laurels as a destination spot, which is why international visitors prefer to visit the shores of the island nation. The biggest example of Antigua and Barbuda as a preferred destination spot is due to several lauds and its recent nominations in an impressive 5 categories for the prestigious World Travel Awards 2024. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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