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Antigua and Barbuda: The NGO Antigua & Barbuda Holistic Coalition (ABHC) shared a cycle of grief by keeping in mind the mental health of the individuals. Such an initiative helps in providing increased access to holistic health and wellness.

The NGO mentioned that there is no time for the arrival of despair and this can come at any moment. Such unexpected arrival directly hits the mental health of an individual. 


Grief can come in many cases, and sometimes, it may even involve multiple human emotions. Over and over, emotional strikes can even intensify the cause. In this concern, an organization featured a cycle of grief which involves various of the factors that are elaborated below.


Such a situation generally says about numbness at times of incidents like death or some very unexpected mishappening. In such a stage, one desires to go back to the ways things were before and even do not want to hear that something has happened so bad.


Anger is a completely natural emotion which states the stage of cruelty as well. At this stage, a person may feel angry towards the deceased person, God or the persons who are responsible for the death. Having control over it becomes very difficult and leads a person towards grief.


Such a condition, in most cases, happens when one is very spiritual. A person often asks God or himself for the deals which can offer better than what has happened. In this stage, the person asks and hopes for better things to happen.


It is a severe mental illness which sometimes takes months and years to get cured. Such a condition makes people feel so insecure and alone that it takes all their confidence. Sometimes, at this stage, people even lose their hopes of living, and the waves of stress hit so hard that one even forgets the meaning of life.


This is the last stage where a person gets a bit of relief and it becomes easy for him to handle the pain. At this stage, the person accepts the loss and learns to live again with that scar.

Tips to handle the grief

An organization also shared some of the tips that can help in handling grief, and can lead towards better mental conditions. The tips are as follows:

  • Be Kind to Yourself
  • Seek Grief Support
  • Write a letter to the deceased
  • Connect with loved ones
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