Antigua and Barbuda: 31-year-old sentenced to 2 weeks prison for exposing private part to female officer. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Antigua and Barbuda: 31-year-old sentenced to 2 weeks prison for exposing private part to female officer

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Antigua and Barbuda: A 31-year-old was jailed for 2 weeks for the offence of revealing his private part to a female officer. The accused was also arrested for the offence of threatening two women.

The victim has been identified as Collin Browne. As per the details, he was at Bitar Fast Food Restaurant in All Saints when an argument occurred between him and other two women. One of those women turned out to be a police officer, which the suspect was not aware of.

According to the authorities, Collin Browne threatened to shoot the two women and later exposed his private part to them. Following this incident, the female officer arrested him. Subsequently, he was taken to the court where he was presented before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel.

The magistrate sentenced Browne to two weeks for the offence of threatening two women and for the usage of indecent language and exposure.

Following his arrest, this incident received a lot of attention from the citizens as they took to their social media accounts and shared their views and opinions. One person wrote “2 weeks only, what is the guarantee that he won’t repeat his evil deeds ever again. Where is the law of the nation. Strict actions need to be taken.”

Another person commented the following “This system is very bias. Why the hell he got punished for only 2 weeks. I am feeling bad for the judicial system who fails to punish the culprit. Administration really needs to do something in order to avoid such incidents in future.”

Moreover, the residents of the community have raised their concern over increase in sexual harassment cases. They have requested the authorities to implement stringent measures to ensure the safety and security of every woman in the nation. The administration has also ensured that they are making laws and policies to address sexual harassment and promote respect and dignity for all the women of nation.