ALHCS Campus development: Anguilla's progress towards enhanced education

ALHCS Campus development: Anguilla’s progress towards enhanced education

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The Valley, Anguilla: The Government of Anguilla has recently updated about the development and growth projects going on in the nation. The Government has recently provided details of the on-site work at the ALHCS Campus.

Accordingly, it is another day and another step closer to opening day as the crews on-site work round the clock to get the new ALHCS Campus ready to receive students.

The update has informed us that it is a hard but necessary push to get our children off the shift system and in a position to receive the required in-person instruction time that they deserve.

The transition to the new Campus and the changes communicated by the Education Department can only be successful with buy-in from all stakeholders. Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff and the Community must work as a unit if we are to seize the opportunities that this move will bring and triumph over the challenges that are connected to this relocation as well.

In this regard, the Government of Anguilla earlier shared an update regarding the money spent on the Campus through the Anguilla Programme.

As per the update, more than EC$60 Million was spent on the construction of the new ALHCS through the Anguilla Programme, yet it was left incomplete.

To date, the Government of Anguilla will have to inject an additional EC$14 Million to bring the project up to a point where the school can be utilized. The full cost to complete the new ALHCS, including additional buildings for TVET and other resources, including an area for physical education, is unknown.

Growing Sustainably Together, the Government has been able to channel the funds necessary to ensure that our students are able to occupy the new and modern space this school term. The onus is on every student, parent, teacher and staff to encourage all who traverse these halls to take care of the facilities.