What would Donald Trump do after leaving the White House in January?

President Donald Trump

Next month, US President Donald J. Trump will leave the White House and will become ordinary citizens of America. What will be his future, what will he do, it is a matter of discussion these days.

Originally, businessman Trump did not already have a shortage of wealth. He also has USD 200 million in the form of election fund. Although a large amount of this will go to the new Political Action Committee, still Trump has a lot of money to spend.

People close to Trump say that until Trump leaves the White House, he will control the fund. They can then use their money to incite the rebel factions of the party, reward loyalists, pay their visits and hire staff, and pay legal bills.

They can even afford to do ground work for the 2024 elections. Trump’s colleague John McLaughlin says that Trump is the Republican Party at the moment. The party knows that all the funds it has raised in the last 4 years are behind the trumps. Most payments in elections, such as television and digital advertising, were made quietly through a media consulting company. Since 2019, about 68.9 million dollar payments have been made through this company.

According to one document, Trump’s daughter-in-law and her campaign adviser Lara Trump are among the board members of the company. Vice President Mike Pence’s nephew John was also a part of this company. However, a spokesperson for Trump said that both of them resigned from the board in October 2019. Nevertheless, Trump has so much wealth that he can do anything in the future. However, for this, they have to protect themselves from legal matters. Already great wealth, election fund is also under their control.

According to Forbes, as of September last, Trump had assets of about $3.1 billion. Trump has luxurious hotels and buildings in the US and several other countries. He has a golf resort in Miami. He also owns more than 350 parking spaces in Manhattan, the Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, and three nearby properties.