Virgin Island Music Festival to offer immeasurable entertainment 

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British Virgin Island: The British Virgin Island is all set to host its first edition of the Music Festival from 24th to 26th May 2024. The Virgin Island Music Festival promises to offer all its attendees world-class entertainment covering multiple genres of music in the capital city of Virgin Island, Road Town. 

While making an announcement of the festival, the British Virgin Island Tourist Board took to their social media account and said “We promised you a music festival in 2024 and we keep our promises. The Virgin Islands Music Festival will be the premier music event of the year featuring artists like Alkaline, Voice and much more to come.”

The Virgin Island Music Festival promises to offer an unforgettable experience filled with beautiful memories. The exciting lineup of the artists who will grace the occasion with their electrifying performances includes, 

24th May 2024, Friday – Soca, R&B and Afrobeat.

25th May 2024, Saturday – Reggae, Hip Hop and Dancehall. 

26th May 2024, Sunday – Jazz, Oldies, Pop, Soul and Latin. 

The management team has extended a welcome to all the visitors and attendees to unite them in the universal language of music. The island nation will celebrate the rich and diverse music of the Caribbean countries and will take them on a journey of music which they have never witnessed before. 

The festival will be celebrated under the slogan “60 beats, 1 vibe” which will offer vibrant energy and excitement blended with hardcore rhymes, killer hooks and legendary dancehall reggae music.

Clive McCoy, the Director of Tourism, shed light on the Virgin Island Music Festival and its crucial role in attracting international visitors to the island nation. He added that it will give a huge boost to the country’s tourism sector, enhancing the nation’s economic conditions and leading to generating huge amounts of revenues for the nation’s development. 

It will also create several employment opportunities, which will lead to a surge in departments such as hospitality, restaurants, hotels, transportation, and many others. 

Several community residents have expressed their excitement about attending the music festival. One person commented “Looking forward to attending this exciting event, it would be really fun.”

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Nia Roberts
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