UK: Royal British Legion praises their fundraising superstar Eddie Capone

UK: Royal British Legion praises their fundraising superstar Eddie Capone

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London, United Kingdom: Royal British Legion, supporting the Armed Forces Community, has shared a story of a new fundraising superstar, Eddie Capone. The community has shared details about the most recently added fundraiser.

The official update by Legion read, “We have another fundraising superstar! Meet Eddie Capone, a 76-year-old Army Veteran who is walking a 10-mile route every day in April to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.”

It also informed that originally born in Jamaica, Eddie moved to the UK at the age of 15 in 1961. After being kicked out of school and leaving without any qualifications due to racist bullying, Eddie decided to join the Army. Eddie served in the Royal Corps of Transport from 1964 – 1968 as an Air Dispatcher, delivering ammunition, vehicles and equipment by either land, sea or air – a role where he was notably awarded a medal for being the best recruit out of 100.

Capone was quoted saying, “I love the military because they’re there to protect you 24/7/365. I wouldn’t want to live in the world without it, and I’m proud that I was part of it.”

After the Army, Eddie worked in a number of trades and rediscovered his love for music, working as a ‘roadie’ driver for other musicians before producing for himself, as per the update.

Amongst all of this, Eddie has dedicated his time towards lots of charitable causes and helping vulnerable people, including walking 300 miles in April to support the Royal British Legion.

“I know of the fantastic work the Royal British Legion does to support all veterans and serving personnel, whether it’s for PTSD, limb loss, sleeping rough, or anything. I think the RBL is phenomenal, but the task they’re taking on and what they’re up against in supporting the whole of the Armed Forces is a monumental one,” it added.

“I want to do this fundraising challenge to raise money for the Royal British Legion but also to raise awareness of the charity and the amazing work they do. This fundraising walk is for my colleagues who have served. I see things happening to our veterans and feel helpless, but this is my way of helping,” the British Legion added.

In the end, the official site stated to search ‘Eddie Capone’ on to donate to his fundraiser and help us provide life-changing support for the Armed Forces community.

“Thank you, Eddie,” it ended.