Two years into administration: A reformed Bahamas on the rise

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Bahamas: Upon completion of two years into the administration, the government of Bahamas, outlined its efforts during the challenging times and elaborated its blueprint of change that marks turning point for the Bahamas.

“We began our administration facing multiple crises: Economic, Health, and Education. The ‘Blueprint for Change’ has paved the way for progress and as we approach 2 years in office our record reflects the strong foundation we’ve built to affect real change for Bahamians,” said the official statement of the government.

The statement added that the government lifted curfew, ended travel visas, and provided free tests and masks to combat the pandemic. Efforts to reopen schools and support Bahamian businesses have been paramount during these times.

They added that unemployment is at a 15-year low, and fiscal situation has improved. The public sector has seen promotions, regularizations, and salary arrears settled. Efforts are ongoing to enhance food security and revamp our agriculture sector

The statement futher added that, “Efforts are ongoing to enhance food security and revamp our agriculture sector. We also rolled out several initiatives, including reducing the cost of living, cutting import duties on food, and building affordable homes.”

A Catastrophic Health Care Fund was established, and nurses are receiving well-deserved raises. Energy sector reform is a priority, with solar projects underway and plans for a new energy future.

“We have achieved a lot over the past 2 years, but there is still more work to do. The challenges ahead require transformative change. These changes are reflected in our new cabinet appointments, which are as follows.”

Jomo Campbell has been appointed as the new Minister for Agriculture and Marine Resources. Clay Sweeting is the new Minister of Works and Family Island Affairs, overseeing infrastructural projects and upgrades.

Alfred Sears has taken on the role of Minister of Immigration and National Insurance, overseeing reforms in these areas.

Keith Bell has been appointed as the Minister of Housing and Urban Renewal, focusing on building affordable homes and stronger communities.

Reflecting the government’s renewed focus on sustainable and affordable energy, Jobeth Coleby-Davis will now serve as the Minister of Energy and Transport, a new portfolio responsible for coordinating efforts related to the energy transition.

Pia Glover-Rolle has been appointed as the new Minister of Labour and Public Service, focusing on labor relations and public service improvements.