T&T suffers more pain under PM’s failed leadership: UNC

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Trinidad and Tobago: Opposition UNC passes various statements on the current government of Trinidad and Tobago. They are commenting on the Prime Minister’s Keith Rowley, work and an unhealthy obsession with smearing the UNC.

Recently UNC party has passed a statement that stated, “We are concerned with Keith Rowley’s unhealthy obsession with smearing the UNC, while Trinidad and Tobago suffer more and more despondency under his failed leadership.”


This statement was the reaction to an incident that happened this Wednesday; the Prime Minister gave a mean, unstatesmanlike, and offensive answer to a question about the Government’s third rejection of the Patriotic bid, gratuitously accusing the Leader of the Opposition, Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

According to the UNC, “his recent rantings on the THA election platform take his delusion to a new level, negotiating his leadership of the National Security Council. Once again, he has brought the UNC into an election where we are not even fighting.”

UNC claims that they were not fighting the election in Tobago and neither partnering with any party. But PM Keith Rowley wants to bring the UNC into the center of his campaigning, like a manic stalker. Further, they added, his desperation to divert attention from his corrupt, incompetent PNM feeds into his insanity.

Why is this a matter of National Security?

According to UNC, there would be nothing unlawful about the UNC working with any party in Tobago. Secondly, why is PM using confidential security information on the campaign trail instead of taking it to the responsible security forces? Their many claims accuse the current government of not managing the nation systematically. 

Germaine Abdulla commented, “When they can’t give a proper answer, they turn on the UNC and our leader because their supports are a pack of dunce that is what you call left foot right foot.”

Another user commented, “can you please indicate how information from the National Security Council is being used on the campaign trail in Tobago?”

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