Trinidad and Tobago: Six TTPS traffic and highway patrol branch appreciate for helping citizen
Trinidad and Tobago: Six TTPS traffic and highway patrol branch appreciate for helping citizen || Picture courtesy: TTPS Facebook

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Chenise Mariah DA Brewster, a citizen of Carenage, Saint George, Trinidad And Tobago, has appreciated six heroes of the TTPS traffic and highway patrol branch. The post read, “Today, I would publicly like to thank these wonderful human beings, compassionate and diligent serving members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service – especially in a time when there is a lot of negativity plaguing the public, mass media and social media where our officers are concerned!”

The post further read that last Thursday evening, whilst on route home, something super strange happened-my body began feeling super cold, yet I was sweating profusely.

“I lowered the window of the taxi and took a sip of water. The traffic was the same old- crawling along the Beetham… just as the driver was approaching the divergent to pass along Maritime- I felt a wet sensation on my chest- I had puked on myself-no warning, no feeling- just puke,” it noted.

Further, it added, “I calmly said to the driver, “Ummm, excuse driver- can you put me out here please” he was puzzled, so I actually repeated this three times.”

Additionally, the post by Chenise Mariah DA Brewster stated that
He stopped, and I exited the car along the highway and approached a tree. I placed my handbag down and took my phone to make a call- the call wasn’t even completed – the next thing I remembered was waking up surrounded by doctors – unable to speak, unable to hear, unable to feel but able to see. I saw about four doctors- cutting my clothes, grabbing my hands and feet and looking super concerned! The hat I had NOT known was-After exiting the vehicle, an old classmate of mines- another passenger of the vehicle brought wipes for me to clean myself.

I had turned to communicate with her when I collapsed- I collapsed and began rolling toward the cliff that led to the worksite in the vicinity of the Maritime roundabout. My old classmate – Jaliah Barrington, grabbed my hand to prevent me from rolling lower and possibly off the cliff and at that time, two officers ran towards us to lend her support.

For forty-five minutes- I dipped in and out of consciousness; I puked endlessly, cried and groaned, unable to feel my legs. I lay along the highway surrounded by the concerned taxi driver, another passenger who luckily was a hospital staff member- who called for an ambulance numerous times and pleaded with them to send help, Jaliah, who remained on a call with my loved one to keep them updated and who purposely stood blocking onlookers and passersby from recording my face, a team of officers who rubbed my back, held my hair/ head and physically supported my body- preventing me from falling over and did all that they can to keep me as comfortable as possible.

Just over forty- five minutes, the ambulance was still stuck in traffic in St James and me barely conscious- SGT Ramkisson took the decision to have me lifted and placed into the police vehicle and be escorted to the nearest hospital. The officers lifted me, and WPC Clarke was tasked with ensuring that I remained conscious whilst they rushed me to the hospital.

Even after arrival at the hospital, the officers assisted my loved one in removing various articles of clothing for me to be triaged. I was then rushed to emergency. Today I met with these six heroes- the officers who supported me in one of the scariest and most puzzling moments of my life. These officers are all attached to Traffic and Highway Patrol.

I am forever grateful and can’t extend my gratitude enough to SGT Ramkisson, CPL Ramoutar, CPL Haven, PC John, PC Thomas and WPC Clarke. I would also like to thank the taxi driver and the other passenger for staying at my side and helping me through the moment.

Even in the circulated video, I was unable to get his license plate; however, it is my hope that they somehow come across this post and know that I am forever and deeply grateful, and I pray for nothing but blessings upon their life!

I would also love to thank Jaliah-the officers said she was very instrumental in pacing things together- she was the only person present with information about me which made it so much easier! Thank you, sister, thank you for being there, thank you for checking in and for bridging that gap, as I have no recollection of the incident.

Things could have gone so much differently had that taxi driver driven off, had Jaliah not walked back to assist me, and had the team of officers not made the decision to take things seriously and rush me to the hospital! The post is long, but it still isn’t an accurate enough description of how appreciative and thankful I am to all persons involved in having me here today! God works in mysterious ways!