Trinidad and Tobago: NCRHA provides focused diabetes care to over 3500 mothers

Trinidad and Tobago: NCRHA provides focused diabetes care to over 3500 mothers

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) felt delighted to express that more tha 3500 mothers of Trinidad and Tobago have received focused diabetes care on June 3, 2023.

As per the update by the Authority, consistent with the Ministry of Health’s overarching strategy to reduce the impact of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Trinidad and Tobago, especially on pregnant women, the North Central Regional Health Authority established the ‘Advanced Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic’ at the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital in 2017. Since its inception, approximately 3700 pregnant women have accessed specialist care to ensure the health and well-being of both baby and mother.

Pregnancy can pose challenges for women with diabetes, whether they have type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes. The presence of high blood sugar levels during conception puts both the mother and the baby at risk, increasing the likelihood of birth defects, stillbirth, and preterm birth.

“A woman’s reproductive system is already a delicate and complex system in the body, and when paired with a non-communicable disease like diabetes, it becomes increasingly imperative to take preventative steps to identify potential complications before they become life-threatening or require emergency care. This will result in safer pregnancies for both mother and baby,” stated Medical Chief of Staff, MHWH – Professor Bharath Bassaw, according to the latest update by NCRHA.

This multidisciplinary clinic, which focuses on antenatal care, was implemented to provide specialist medical intervention to pregnant women who are predisposed to non-communicable diseases – such as diabetes. It includes educational sessions and workshops with experts in the field, as well as access to medical care from ophthalmologists, cardiologists, haematologists, nutritionists and dieticians, to name a few. Expecting mothers are also provided with Diascan machines and are taught to use the equipment so they can monitor glucose levels on their own at home.

“The North Central Regional Health Authority revised the initial process and adopted a systems approach which targeted at-risk mothers for increased monitoring and more frequent episodes of care,” said NCRHA CEO Davlin Thomas.

“We’ve identified opportunities for improvement in the system and have successfully implemented radical innovations to ensure our citizens, in this case, our women, receive efficient and quality healthcare – one such innovation being the Advanced Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic at the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital. Our exceptional doctors, nurses and other members of staff deserve the commendation that they have been receiving from the public.”

“The North Central Regional Health Authority is keen on making healthcare accessible to all, especially women. We have successfully executed outreach programmes such as The Great Pap Smear Campaign, which provides cervical screening and specialist medical care to our women. We’ve also taken it a step further by expanding the Great Pap Smear Initiative, with the launch of the Mobile Outreach Programme, which aims to make cervical screening more accessible in rural communities,” Thomas added.

According to the North Central Regional Health Authority, special commendations to the team of nursing professionals, medical professionals and auxiliary staff at the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital for being a force for good health. Successes like these would not be possible without a dedicated team of caring and determined professionals who resonate with the mission – to provide quality, safe and cost-effective health services to the communities to serve.