Trinidad and Tobago: Health Ministry raises early miscarriage awareness

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Trinidad and Tobago: The Health Ministry of the country Trinidad and Tobago mentions the details on Early Miscarriage with the aim of awareness generation to promote the health among the citizens of the country.

The ministry of health through their social media primarily detailed the meaning of early miscarriage as the loss of baby by woman in the first three months of pregnancy. Also, some signs included in this are vaginal bleeding and at times, pain. It is not necessary that every time, signs may appear, sometimes even ultrasound is required to confirm an early miscarriage.

Moreover, vaginal bleeding and cramping in the early stages of pregnancy are common and do not always mean that there is a problem. However, one should:

  • Reach out to the doctor or nearest health facility for advice or guidance if one experiences any bleeding or pain.
  • Visit the emergency department at the nearest hospital, particularly if one is having heavy bleeding issues, has severe pain or feels very unwell.

Probing ahead, it has been recorded that 20% of all pregnancies can result in early miscarriage. There is no evidence that stress or normal sexual intercourse can cause an early miscarriage. Further, early pregnancy loss is difficult and emotionally challenging as well.

This involves some of the risk factors based on certain aspects which are age, medical problems and lifestyle factors. Under age, it has been recorded that at the age of 30, there is 20% risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy. And, for those over the age of 40, it may increase as high as 50%.

Next, medical problems as a risk factor for miscarriage states the issues like poorly controlled diabetes and poor lifestyle factors including smoking, alcohol consumption and being overweight poses a threat for the early miscarriage.

As the situations become difficult and emotionally challenging for the mothers in cases of early pregnancy loss, one should seek help from near and dear ones to have the better conditions.

George Henry
George Henry
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