Trinidad and Tobago: CITT, CIRC celebrate Black Stalin Day

Trinidad and Tobago: CITT, CIRC celebrate Black Stalin Day

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Trinidad and Tobago: Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago (CITT), along with the Carnival Institute and Regional Carnival (CIRC), joined the nation to celebrate Black Stalin Day on January 3, 2023. A social media post by the Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago stated, “Today as the nation celebrates #BlackStalinDay, the Carnival Institute and Regional Carnival (CIRC) features this duo with two of Trinidad and Tobago’s prolific, dynamic, musically talented and black-conscious local entertainers, Leroy Calliste “Black Stalin” and Ella Andell with their rendition of “Stay Giving Praises”.”

The day was celebrated after Black Stalin passed away on December 28 at the age of 81. Black Stalin (born Aldwyn Roberts on October 12, 1945, in Belmont, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) was a calypso singer, songwriter and political activist. He was a powerful voice in the Trinidad and Tobago music scene, known for his fiery lyrics, which often deal with the political situation in the Caribbean and the struggles of the people living there.

Black Stalin has been active in the music industry since the late 1960s and has released numerous albums and singles throughout his career. He is best known for his hard-hitting political songs, such as “A Time to Unite” and “No More Garbage”. His songs often criticize government policies, poverty, and inequality in the Caribbean. He is also an advocate for the preservation of African culture and heritage.

Black Stalin is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Trinidad and Tobago National Award for Excellence in Music and the Calypso Monarch award. He was also a four-time winner of the Calypso King of the World title.

Black Stalin was an outspoken critic of government policies in Trinidad and Tobago and organized several protests in the country. He has been arrested multiple times for his political activities, including a notable occasion in 1979 when he was arrested and held in detention for four days after leading a protest march in Port of Spain.

Black Stalin was considered a living legend in the Caribbean music scene and a powerful voice against injustice and inequality. His music continued to inspire people across the region and beyond.

Black Stalin Day is a day to celebrate the legacy of Black Stalin and his contributions to Caribbean culture and music. It is a day to honour his legacy and to remember his commitment to social justice and the fight for freedom. It is also a day to recognize the importance of Calypso music and its role in bringing awareness to the African diaspora.

Black Stalin Day is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean. The day reflects on the contributions Black Stalin made to Caribbean culture and music and honored his memory.