Trinidad and Tobago: Beachgoer drowns at Toco beach, dies

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: A beachgoer drowned at the Toco Beach on Sunday. He was brought back to the Toco Health Facility by a lifeguard, but he was declared dead at the facility. 

As per police reports, the victim is yet to be identified. This terrifying incident took place at around 2 pm. The lifeguards were informed about the tragedy, and they responded to the incident. 

Lifeguards Rondell Joseph, Kriston Caraballo and Doyle Swam, along with other lifeguards, headed towards the sea in order to save the man. They somehow managed to rescue the victim.

However, in spite of all the efforts and hard work, they couldn’t save the man. 

The matter was reported to the police, and they arrived at the location. Upon arrival, they saw the body of the man lying motionless on the seashores. 

According to the lifeguards’ statement, they did their best to warn the bathers about the sea conditions, but the bathers failed to understand. Due to such behaviour, one of them has lost his life by drowning in the sea.

The investigating officers are conducting enquiries into the incident. They urged the public to come forward with any information and assist them in their investigation. If sources are to be believed, it has been said that the authorities have issued a ‘Yellow’ level alert due to rough seas. 

The news has been showered with lots of comments as it is spread to social media (Facebook). The people shared their opinions and extended condolences for the man who had lost his life due to drowning in the sea. 

A person named as Vanita Toolsie- Gayasingh commented, “Yellow level alert and people still dropping their guard at the beach…every time for long weekends, our seas are rough, plan your beach lime after or before the actual long weekend.”

Another FB user, by the name of Cari Lange wrote, “Easter is the best time to stay away from the beach as the water is always rough. Deepest condolences to the family on their loss.”

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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