The Bahamas PM Philip Brave Davis attends Grand Bahama night
The Bahamas PM Philip Brave Davis attends Grand Bahama night

The Bahamas: The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Philip Brave Davis recently attended Grand Bahama night and shared the glimpse and experience of the event.

PM Davis took social media and stated that it was wonderful to be with Grand Bahama last night. He knows that for many of the people of The Bahamas, this time of year is especially difficult. That were able to come to this place to worship and sing together speaks of thier courage, faith and ability to move forward, despite great tragedy and hardship. Although grief can be so lonely, it is important to know that you are not alone.

He further stated that all the fellow Bahamians, throughout the islands, are together. As we sing and pray during this time of remembrance, Grand Bahamians and Abaconians are front and centre in the thoughts.

Clearly, it is not an easy journey, from anger and pain over the loss of loved ones to gratitude for their lives and for the time you had together. It is essential that the national response is driven by compassion, he added.

PM Davis mentioned, “There is so much to do. We need to support you in getting the answers you need for closure. At the same time, there is so much work ahead to rebuild. We have changed the law so that you can more quickly settle insurance, banking and other commercial claims. The government has just launched a revamped Homeowner Assistance and Relief Programme to provide urgent help to people and perform the chaos, confusion and unnecessary bureaucracy which is presented.”

Assessments under the new HARP programme will begin here in Grand Bahama in two weeks. If an individual haven’t applied or haven’t received a response to a previous application, the government invites one to visit or contact the DRA’s offices. Beautiful Grand Bahama, under Minister Moxey’s leadership, is employing Grand Bahamians and cleaning up homes and neighbourhoods and transforming communities. It has been a source of inspiration to see Grand Bahamians coming together to do the hard but essential work of revitalizing your beautiful island.

“I pray that your souls are blessed and soothed by last night’s concert, which features some of the Grand Bahamas’ greatest gospel singers. May god bless you, your families and friends, and all the people of Grand Bahama,” he concluded with a pray.