10 year old girl missing in Grenada

Ten-year-old girl missing in Grenada

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The Royal Grenada Police Force reported a case of a 10-year-old girl who is missing. The authorities are asking for the public’s help and support to find the missing person or share any information related to her with them.

The missed person is identified as Calina Alexander. She is a student of Belmont, St George.

It has been stated that she has been missing from her home since 21st October 2023 and she has not been seen since then.

The last time she left her home, she was wearing:

– A black jersey

– A black pants

– A pair of green sandals

– A cornrow hairstyle which was placed at the back.

The Police Force shared an additional description-

  • Dark complexion girl
  • Medium-built

This is not the first time that a girl has gone missing in Grenada; just a few months ago, a case was reported where three girls, named Dianna Ettienne, Phoebe St Louis and Shenia Clarke, were missing and weren’t found by the authorities.

Phoebe St Louis and Dianna Ettienne, both from the Golf Course, St George, went missing on 15th May and 23rd May, respectively.

The missing case of Shenia Clarke of Calliste, St George, was filed on 16th May.

However, the Grenada Royal Police Force worked with the public and made every effort in their mission to find these girls. They accomplished the task and brought the girls safely back to their families. The public was quite relieved to see the girls reunited with their family members.

It is expected that this time as well, the Royal Police Force will put in every efforts to find that lost little girl and bring her home to her loved ones.

The authorities and the public have not received any details or information about Calina Alexander as yet; the officials lack evidence or witnesses who can help find the missing girl.

Till now, it is not clear what has happened to the girl after she left her home and the authorities have been unable to pin point where she actually went.

This incident raised a lot of questions regarding the safety of children:

– If that girl has been kidnapped

– If she has left the home by choice

Such incidents highlight the need for guiding young kids to stay away from strangers and also the need to make them memorize their parent’s numbers so that they can get help in case of an emergency.