St Lucia: Vanard to Anse La Raye Link Road to be rehabilitated till 2023
St Lucia: Vanard to Anse La Raye Link Road to be rehabilitated till 2023

St Lucia: Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP) has informed that the Anse La Raye Link Road will be re-constructed till 2023.

For many years the Vanard (Venus) to Anse La Raye Link Road has provided alternate and important access for commuters between the communities of Millet and Anse La Raye.


Post-Hurricane Tomas in 2010 and the Christmas Eve Trough of 2013, the roadway, though still motorable, became severely compromised and needed structural rehabilitation.

The compromised road affected the farming community in particular, which relied on the link road as an efficient route to get their products to market.

On March 10, 2022, a commencement ceremony marked the start of the reconstruction of the 12-kilometre Vanard (Venus) to Anse La Raye Link Road. The approximately USD the DVRP is funding a 4.6 million investment through its European Union funding envelope. Construction is undertaking works, and Industrial Equipment Ltd and, barring any unforeseen delays, should be completed by February 2023.

The designs for the rehabilitated road were informed by hydrological and hydraulic assessments as well as geotechnical assessments and are in accordance with international standards.

The scope of work includes road reconstruction and pavement reconstruction and incorporates resiliency features such as adequately sized drains and slope stabilization along the roadway. These features will help to ensure that the reconstructed roadway is durable and can best withstand natural hazards.

Farmers in the area have welcomed the project and look forward to its completion.