St Lucia: Police officials arrests female for not mending COVID-19 protocols

St Lucia: Police officials arrests female for not following COVID-19 protocols

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St Lucia: Police Officers of St Lucia, attached to the Gros Islet Police Station, have formally arrested and charged a female concerning alleged breaches of the COVID-19 protocols.

On Wednesday, about 11 a.m. on Jan. 27, at Pigeon Island, Gros Islet, a non-resident female, was surrounded by Peace Officers (COVID Wardens) after they witnessed that she was not adhering to the mask-wearing necessary in a public place.

The officers advised that she was cautioned to do so but rejected, continuing to hurl exclamations at them. She was taken into custody for the denial to adhere to the enacted laws.

The female in question has been recognized as Johanna Koivulch to, a 30-year-old national of Finland, staying at Gros Islet, Saint Lucia.

She has been accredited with the offenses of Swearing or Using Abusive or Indecent Language in Public Places (Contrary to Section 508 of the Criminal Code Chapter 3.01 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2013) and Failing to Wear a Mask or Suitable Covering Over the Nose or Mouth in Public (Contrary to Section 21 (a) (1) of the COVID-19 (Prevention and Control) Act No. 9 of 2020.

She is currently in police custody, anticipating a bail hearing. St Lucia is in the red zone, and people need to follow the protocols guided by the government of the nation. Precaution is the only measure to restrict the expansion of lethal coronavirus.

A Facebook user commented, “If you’re going to travel during Covid, the least you can do is follow that country’s laws, especially their health protocols.”

Another resident of St Lucia, commented has nicely done officers they think they can come down here and do what they want to disrespect our laws; they break the law, arrest them make an example of them.”

Another Facebook user commented, “She should have complied and she should not have verbally abused the officers, but the next time a St Lucian is stopped or arrested for non-compliance, let’s be just as supportive of the police action. Just saying.”

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