St Lucia: Cases of COVID-19 increases so as strictness

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St Lucia: St Lucia experiences a massive spike in COVID-19 cases. To restrict the expansion of COVID-19 government of St Lucia increases strictness in the nation.

St Lucia: Cases of COVID-19 increases so as strictness
St Lucia: Cases of COVID-19 increases so as strictness

The opposition party is accusing the current government of not managing this situation systematically. To act accurately, The National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) held a press conference on January 20 to advise on updated COVID-19 health and safety recommendations implemented to control the third wave of coronavirus in Saint Lucia.

These include that Work from home and reduce contact meetings. Business hours of operation scaled back from 11 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Prohibition of all social gatherings. Contact limited to immediate households. Special exemption for worship and religious activity to take place with physical services limited to 25 people.

Limitations on the sale and public consumption of alcohol, *effective January 20 for 21 days. Restrictions on dining services – take-out only.

Prohibition of sporting activities, including gyms. Closure of all schools, public and private.

A Facebook user commented, “I no longer trust the CMO. The government at large is lying, simply putting the country at severe risk. Mr. PM, get real, look at the real source of the Covid infection, which is being imported from visitors and tourists. You need to take personal blame for the rise of Covid in St Lucia.”

The ministry of health & wellness received confirmation of 57 new cases of COVID-19 in St Lucia. This makes the total number of COVID-19 cases from 656 to 713 in St Lucia.

Health Ministry notified that they had tested 216 people in the last 24 hours, from which 57 tested positive and 159 tested negatives, and tests conducted at the Ezra Long Laboratory. With these new cases, the total number of cases is diagnosed in the country to 713.

The Ministry of Health in St Lucia is improving its surveillance of people on home quarantine by introducing innovative technology. Every country wants to decrease the rate of rising cases of lethal coronavirus. To fight this pandemic, we need innovation. Hence introducing innovative devices can help a lot.

According to the Ministry of Health, two electronic monitoring devices Bio-Intellisense BioButton and Amber wristwatch, are expected to stream on January 18, 2021, which can supervise people in quarantine.

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