St Kitts and Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley pens down “a journey of politician”

St Kitts and Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley pens down “a journey of politician”

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St Kitts and Nevis: A person who is active in the field of politics and in addition the person who tries to influence citizens of the nation from the work of their party is a politician. Yesterday Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley shared his journey of his life, in the field of politics on his social media handle and wrote that he met a lot of people of different personalities in his journey, however when someone becomes a politician, that encounter with different personalities becomes thousand times.

He wrote that he had friends those who gave up on him because of the politics as well as relatives disowned him because he didn’t share their views.

He also mentioned that he had met with people who supported him vociferously and now condemn just as vociferously because he did not or could not give them what they demanded. He has been roundly condemned by many whom he has helped and yet his spirit is not vexed nor his soul daunted. Indeed, he can see this as but a manifestation of human nature in all its glorious uncertainty. For God has so ordained that for every person who condemns there are ten who uplift.

Moreover he also wrote that for every one he helped, who now abuses him there are twenty for whom he had done nothing who blesses him. He thanked everyone that prays for his demise, there are a hundred who pray for his longevity. For every negative there are a thousand positives.

In life then individuals can choose to be defined by the negativity or rise gloriously through the love and positive energy of genuine friends, well wishers and family.

So he chooses to rise and ask himself to rise. And in so doing let’s get transform themselves and each other.

In the end, he concluded by wishing to god and wishing happiness for everyone.