SKNRA RoboMindset Summer Camp 2023 awardees shine bright

SKNRA RoboMindset Summer Camp 2023 awardees shine bright

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: St Kitts and Nevis Robotics Association extended heartfelt congratulations to all the Awardees of SKNRA RoboMindset Summer Camp 2023.

It outlined that the association is thrilled to celebrate the exceptional talent and dedication displayed by each one of the participant in this unforgettable journey of learning, innovation, and camaraderie. “Your achievements have truly shone as bright stars, illuminating the path to a future filled with endless possibilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM),” it mentioned.

RoboMaster Excellence Awardees – Hannah Marie Williams and Jaiden Clarke. “Your exceptional performance and dedication have set the bar high for everyone, and we are immensely proud of your achievements. Keep soaring high,” the SKNRA mentioned.

STEAM Female Superstars – Leah Jeremiah and Nailah Taylor. “Your brilliance and passion in STEAM fields are an inspiration to young minds everywhere. You are true trailblazers,” the Association stated.

CodeCraft Excellence Awardees – Jayden Warner and Rucha Sharma. The Robotics Association mentioned, “Your coding prowess and craftsmanship are remarkable, and we’re excited to see the innovative solutions you’ll bring to the world. Keep coding and building.”

Innovation Showcase Awardees – Obrian Stoute, Vickash Singh. “Your cutting-edge ideas and demonstrations have left us in awe. You are the architects of the future,” the Robotics Association of St Kitts and Nevis commented.

Engineering Excellence Journal Awardees – Amani Edmeade and Tayshia Stanley – “Your meticulous documentation and attention to detail exemplify the spirit of true engineering scholars. Keep recording and creating,” the post read.

Social Media Mavericks – Ronia Francis, Shaquan Alexander. “Your captivating social media skills have brought the camp’s energy to the world, inspiring countless others to join the STEAM movement. Keep shining on social media,” Robotics Association outlined.

Design Mavericks – Rainier Martin, Vickash Singh. “Your bold and innovative designs have pushed the boundaries of creativity. You are the visionaries of tomorrow,” it stated, while concluding.

The Robotics Association extended its heartfelt congratulations to everyone for their well-deserved achievements. The SKNRA RoboMindset Summer Camp has been an unforgettable journey, and “we can’t wait to witness your continued growth and success in the fascinating world of STEAM”.