Showers predicted throughout day, states BMS forecast report

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The Barbados Meteorological Service (BMS) reported that people may experience a maximum of 25mm of rain throughout the day. Barbados’ upper-level atmosphere and winds are continuing to enhance the area of ​​low-level convergence.

The upper-level jet stream is supposed to shift to eastward over the region with an upper-level trough, which will remain in the Caribbean Sea. 

As per the BMS report, the Atlantic high will remain a dominant feature throughout the day. The rainfall is expected in the morning.

The forecasters further shared the weather outlook for the day, which shows that the citizens of Barbados may experience cloudy with sunny periods with a few light showers. The synopsis stated that the surface to low-level instability is affecting the island. 

The winds are forecasted to remain moderate with an easterly breeze from 30 to 35 km/hour, which is equal to 19 to 22 mph. There is an 80 per cent chance of this forecast. 

The BMS forecaster further added that the marine will remain smooth to moderate in the open water with the swells, ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 meters, equal to 3 to 7 ft and it could be increasing. Fortunately, there is no dust haze forecasted in the areas of Barbados. 

Additionally, Barbados was under flash flood watch just few days ago, due to heavy or excessive rainfall/ showers. There were some chances of floods but it was terminated due to smooth and clear weather. 

The reports mentioned light to heavy showers with rainfall expectations between 20.0 to 50.0 mm was expected due to localised activity. 

The people around the nation took to their social media handles (Facebook) to express their concerns regarding the bad weather. One such comment read, 

“I’m convinced christ church has been annexed from Barbados, we don’t need the flood up here but a few drops…I beg”, quoted by a person named Alaina Straker- Callender. 

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