Sheer Rocks, ranked second among top ten Caribbean restaurants in USA Today

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Antigua and Barbuda: Sheer Rocks, a Caribbean restaurant at St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda, secured second rank among the top ten Caribbean restaurants in USA Today.

There are many specialities which make it deserving of second place among other Caribbean restaurants. The beautiful food place also offers a postcard-worthy view to the guests, which further serves as the best epitome for creating and keeping memories to be cherished for their entire lives.

Interestingly, at the Sheer Rocks, an a la carte menu is designed for the people who come. This kind of special menu offers a choice of individually priced dishes for each course as one can choose as much as or as little as one wants to be added to the dish.

Such a style adds and complements the conveniences and the services which are provided to the visitors. Moreover, the place specializes in tapas, cocktails and, as per the menu, locally served dishes having all the special local ingredients added.

Adding up another speciality of the place, everything present there in the house is handmade including the fish and the lobster. The team works extremely hard to bring up the best services and experiences with the food, cocktails, wines, ambience and overall cosiness which needs to be offered to the guests.

Significantly, the restaurant is even on its path to continue to put the little paradise, Sheer Rocks on the food destination map. Also, the place holds many of the memories connected with people. 

One of the citizens Glen Rapson mentioned in a comment that this is a beautiful venue and deserves all the accolades. He even added that he proposed to his wife, Hazel Rapson, in November 2017. And, the happiness was on the peak, when she said yes. He added the photo to comment as well.

Glen Rapson proposing his wife, credits to Sheer Rocks Facebook Page
Glen Rapson proposing his wife, credits to Sheer Rocks Facebook Page

This amazing place brings out all the things from food to memories. And, adds a place to the expended tourism of Antigua and Barbuda.

George Henry
George Henry
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