Sepon Bihu marks 30 years of vibrant Assamese music and culture
Sepon Bihu marks 30 years of vibrant Assamese music and culture

Assam, India: The thriving town of Sepon in eastern Assam’s Dibrugarh, Charaideo, and Sivasagar districts celebrates 30 years of hosting the Rongali Bihu as the Assamese New Year approaches.

Being one of the most cherished cultural festivals in Northeast India, Sepon Kendriyo Rongali Bihu Sonmilon is marking its 30th year this year.


This festival was established in 1993 by a group of ardent Bihu lovers as a way to honour Assam’s rich cultural history. The festival has developed over time into a beloved event for both locals and tourists.

During the Rongali Bihu festival, Sepon, which is located at the intersection of the Dibrugarh, Sivasagar, and Charaideo districts, comes alive with cultural activity. Many cultural events, folklore exhibitions, artistic competitions, and musical performances bring life to the Sepon College Playground.

The festival is renowned for its hospitality, serving up regional cuisine and providing a forum for seasoned creatives, writers, and thinkers to come together and debate current events.

The Sepon Kendriyo Rongali Bihu Sonmilon is preparing to commemorate the traditional Rongali Bihu celebration this year with an emphasis on protecting nature. The festival’s organisers picked the subject “save nature” to celebrate Assam’s rich cultural legacy, including its music, dance, food, and customs, while also bringing attention to environmental challenges and promoting sustainability practices.

In keeping with the theme of protecting nature, the Bihu Sonmilon committee intends to host a variety of events, including tree-planting drives, recycling and waste management awareness campaigns, and debates on climate change and its effects on Assam’s ecology.

The festival’s release of books on a variety of subjects, including tree planting and environmental protection measures, is one of its highlights. The festival wants to boost young people’s ability, creativity, and sense of responsibility through various publications and social development initiatives.

The musical stage is where Sepon Bihu truly excels, showcasing both illustrious vocalists and current heartthrobs.

Located in eastern Assam, the little town of Sepon has a distinguished past that dates back to the illustrious Ahom dynasty, which ruled for 600 years. Sepon represents the town’s emotional unity, which transcends caste, creed, and cultural divides.

The Sepon Kendriyo Rongali Bihu Sonmilon has been instrumental in promoting and safeguarding Assam’s rich cultural legacy. Its effect is seen in the festival’s ongoing expansion and success.

A monument to the Sepon Kendriyo Rongali Bihu Sonmilon’s unwavering spirit and commitment to preserving Assamese culture and traditions is the festival’s 30th anniversary. The Sepon community looks forward to carrying on this valued custom for many more years as the festival draws to a close.