Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary: Tripura's breathtaking wildlife haven

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary: Tripura’s breathtaking wildlife haven

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Tripura, India: The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Tripura’s most captivating attractions since it is teeming with vibrant species of flora and animals.

The 18.53 sq. km. woods in Bishalgarh in the Sepahijala District is well known for their cages for clouded leopards.

The sanctuary is divided into five sections: aviaries, carnivores, monkeys, ungulates, and reptiles. In addition to being a wildlife sanctuary, it also functions as a research and educational hub.

Rhesus macaques, pig-tailed macaques, capped langurs, and spectacled langurs are just a few of the primates that may be found at the sanctuary.

In the meantime, this sanctuary, which is teeming with rich floral and zoological diversity, is home to over 150 kinds of birds.

The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary also features a number of lakes, some of which have boating amenities.

These days, wildlife tourism is booming as a result of the opportunity it provides for people to truly connect with nature.

Additionally, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are places where people can experience the beauty of the natural world in an exhilarating and joyous way.

Don’t forget to see the magnificent natural area known as Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary while you are in Tripura. It is one of the most impressive spots to see in the state and is about 25 kilometres from Agartala.

How to reach:

The Agartala Airport is located 34.7 kilometres away and is the closest airport. The distance from the Agartala Railway Station to the closest railhead is 21.4 kilometres. The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is 23 km from the Agartala Bus Stand, and buses and small automobiles are available to get you there.

Where to stay:

There is a lodging option in the forest where a dak hut named Abasarika, close to the botanical garden, zoo, and boating lake, draws visitors to experience a thrilling nighttime adventure in the centre of the forest. Additionally, websites allow you to reserve a room at any of the hotels in Agartala.