Seafood Festival is all set to explicit seafood delights in Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia: The Seafood Festival will enrich the taste buds of Saint Lucians and people visiting from other regions on February 22, 2024 (Thursday) at the Castries Fisheries Complex. The festival will set its commencement at 10 am and will offer a complete day filled with the freshest catches and tantalizing seafood delights.

Saint Lucia is to celebrate its Independence Day on February 22 under Douvan Ansanm: Building a Nation through Unity, Resilience, and Creativity. Many of the activities under this are announced to be held in the country; however, many have already been held.

The events Saint Lucia, tourism promoting social media page shared this information and added “Celebrate Independence Day with us by indulging in culinary excellence straight from our blue waters to your plate”. Such a quote extends the invitation to the community people to enjoy the deliciousness of the Seafood Festival.

“Don’t miss this feast for the senses,” mentioned the events in Saint Lucia. 

On 22nd February, not only the Seafood Festival is being celebrated, but many others as well are scheduled to be held at another venue, Soufriere Mini Stadium. Three events will take place at the location which are:

  • Military Parade
  • Independence Celebratory Rally
  • Independence Showcase

All three will extend the essence of patriotism in the country. As, this will spread the independence energy in the surroundings through the actions. Independence showcase as well is an event which will take place, by its name only suggests that it will flaunt and showcase the independence related items.

This as well will also serve to promote and spread awareness among the public about the national heritage and culture of the country. It will further play a significant role in the perseverance of the historical values of the nation.

As the Independence activities are being celebrated under Douvan Ansanm, all the activities will foster Unity, Resilience and Creativity.

George Henry
George Henry
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