Saint Lucia Carnival 2024 makes its first global appearance. (Picture Courtesy- Saint Lucia Tourism Authority)

Saint Lucia showcases Carnival offerings at global stage

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Castries, Saint Lucia:  Saint Lucia Tourism Authority showcased tourism offerings and Carnival 2024 in Miami, Florida, on October 6, 2023. The travel industry leaders, diaspora figures, Miami Broward Carnival organizers, Carnival influencers and media received a warm welcome.

The limelight of the event focused on the key elements of Saint Lucia Carnival to attract potential visitors. The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority looked to enhance awareness and draw in a diverse global audience.

Saint Lucia Tourism Authority focused on encouraging its high-spirited cultural celebration.

The traditional and carnival-focused media witnessed a prolongation of fruitful partnerships between the alliances of the Miami Broward Carnival leadership and Saint Lucia Carnival along with the audience.

The event was covered by various media platforms, such as EI Nuevo Herald, Reach TV, Caribbean Today, The Miami Times and Business Traveler Magazine.

Sneak-Peek of the event:

Saint Lucia Carnival is one of the most celebrated events in the Caribbean. Saint Lucia Carnival 2024 debut featured:

  • Live performances of Imran Nerdy, Arthur Allain and T Blacks.
  • A Groovy Soca, Power Soca and Calypso are represented by the reigning national kings.
  • The pulsating rhythm was a treat by the ‘Teddyson John’, Brand Ambassador and ‘Sedale Simei’, Carnival Ambassador.
  • The illustrative flashy display of Lucian Carnival portrayed what and how the 2024 Carnival would look like, with numerous brands flaunting the carnival route.
  • A thrilling destination showcase opened out at ‘Tipsy’ attracted thousands through a captivating visual display of Saint Lucia.

A radio campaign was conducted in collaboration with Miami’s Renowned diaspora stations by the Saint Lucia Travel Authority (SLTA) to capture the moments of Saint Lucia Carnival along the Miami Broward Carnival route on October 8.

The chairman of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, Thaddeus M. Antoine, showed his gratitude for this event.

While addressing the audience, he said,” Our mission is clear: to illuminate the very essence of this carnival and wholeheartedly share the vibrant allure of Saint Lucia with the world. Our revamped marketing approach has already yielded substantial year-over-year growth in event attendance, and we aspire to achieve an even more substantial increase in visitor participation to savor the spectacle in 2024.”

All the guests at the media launch were greeted with branded items and prizes by Export Saint Lucia. This served as a memorable souvenir which highlighted the multiple variety of tastes and spirits produced in Saint Lucia.