Saint Lucia: A non-government organisation, situated in Castries, HelpAWS has asked for donations to provide a safe and secure home to “little and cute” puppies.

The social media post by the organisation read:

This week, I’m feeling frustrated and angry, after having spent e v e r y single day dealing with people who are heartless, uncaring, & selfish.

It’s one thing to say, “I know I can’t care for these puppies or this dog, and I need to find a way to ensure they have a better life”. But instead, this week has been consumed with people who have just thrown their hands up and turned their back on living, breathing creatures, without a second thought to what the animal is going through or what will become of them.

People who expect someone else to “deal with the problem”. People who just cannot be bothered to show a little bit of compassion or even to work with us as we jump through hoops to solve a situation that their own lack of responsibility created, to begin with.

We were notified today of 9 puppies someone was planning to get rid of. If we didn’t go to pick them up immediately, they would be dumped on the busy road come nightfall.

Although the shelter is literally packed to the brim with puppies, we made our way to where the nine little babies were being piled into a cardboard box, one on top of another.

They are covered in fleas and ticks, with round little bellies full of worms. They must be so uncomfortable, yet their little tails are wagging, and their eyes stare deep into our souls, begging to know what the future holds.

And, even as I still feel anger, I stare back into their sweet little faces and promise them they will never have to worry again and that we will be very best to find each of them a forever family who will treasure and love them the way they deserve.

The organisation asked for donations and stated, “We DESPERATELY need donations to help cover the cost of caring for the high number of animals currently at our shelter. If you can, Donations can be made via e-transfer, Zelle or PayPal to or to @helpaws.”