Roseau, Dominica: Invest Dominica Authority hosts webinar to present blueprint for 'Dominica Advantage'
Roseau, Dominica: Invest Dominica Authority hosts webinar to present blueprint for 'Dominica Advantage' (image credits Facebook)

Roseau, Dominica: The Authority of invest Dominica has recently hosted a webinar regarding the presentation of Dominica Advantage, a blueprint to enhance the business potential in the Caribbean region.

As per the reports, the US Director for OCO Global, Ian Hunter, led the webinar session and has been playing a vital role in working with Invest Dominica to maximize its natural resources, potential talents, and geographic locations.


During the webinar, the officials confirmed that the webinar was aimed to highlight the advantages of operations established in Dominica and how the Island’s highly educated talent group provides it with a benefit towards the new opportunities in the Caribbean.

The webinar hosted a number of speakers, including the executive director of the Invest Dominica Authority, Rhoda Joseph, a highly experienced BPO consultant from Dominica, Alice Simon, along with the Executive Director of the National Telecoms Regulatory Commission, Craig Nesty.

The reports have also confirmed that the speakers shed light on the different trends in foreign direct investment into the entire Caribbean region and discussed how such trends could be attractive to the people. Speakers further pointed out the benefits of the established operations in Dominica, such as a highly educated pool of the Island, digital advantage, along with new developments occurring already in Dominica, said reports.

The speakers also mentioned already existing advantages in Dominica, such as the latest infrastructure projects, renewable energy, digital connectivity, etc. in his remarks, Craig Nesty pointed out the Universal Service Fund, mobile hub, DCY, along with NTRC Dominica and increased traffic on the internet.

Additionally, the impact of COVID 19 on foreign direct investment was further discussed among the speakers during the Webinar session. They stated that the lion’s share was coming from the North American Foreign Direct Investment along with the key trends such as real-time collaborations and time zones in favor of the investors looking.

Furthermore, the speakers of the session also stressed the significance of teamwork, Dominica’s competitive costs, along with digital collaboration. During the end of the session, Dominica’s Digital Advantage was introduced, and Craig Nesty explained that the nation is uniquely standing in the position in the Caribbean to connect to two fibre optic cables, including one Caribbean network in the middle and Eastern and Fibre system in the Caribbean, speakers concluded.

Moreover, Craig Nesty further highlighted the recent pandemics and other social events along with greater internet penetration. He also considered the Digital Transformation Project I Caribbean, a known project by the World Bank to make a framework for the digital transaction and digital opportunities in telecommunications and financial services accompanying cyber security.

The webinar session was a successful meeting to foreground the benefits of Investing in Dominica. The webinar will encourage more people to support Dominica and help the nation in becoming an attractive destination for investment and tourism, said Dominica Authority.

In the end, the Dominica Advantage is a massive opportunity for investors to enjoy full benefits of the country’s natural resources such as potential talent, geographic location and natural resources, speakers concluded.