‘Road to Recovery Plan’ was just another political gimmick: UNC

UNC always put their point of view in favor of Trinidad and Tobago's people. The scheme created by PNM

'Road to Recovery Plan' was just another political gimmick: UNC
'Road to Recovery Plan' was just another political gimmick: UNC

Trinidad and Tobago: UNC always put their point of view in favor of Trinidad and Tobago’s people. The scheme created by PNM sometimes doesn’t work at all, which demonstrates their failure as a government.

Road to Recovery Plan of PNM is now on the radar of discussion in the latest speech of UNC Communications.


“There is no accountability or transparency. The Govt is raiding the HSF while the country falls into economic ruin. Their “Road to Recovery Plan” was just another political gimmick. Not one single plan has been implemented from that document,” UNC stated.

Furthermore, UNC added, Today few if any businesses could speak about obtaining the promised grants from the Ministry of Finance. This Government has failed to offer a proper stimulus package to the private sector. Today we are experiencing an economic collapse due to this administration’s lack of vision, planning and sound policy.

Some points don’t need any subtitle; UNC communication itself presented the statement in such a way that demands your attention:


Today we have to ask ourselves, why, with our borders closed, are COVID-19 cases rapidly increasing?

Now we have to ask the Minister of National Security and now the new one – why are you letting illegal migrants into our borders? Are they being tested and quarantined?


Why, after denying our citizens from returning to their place of birth, are cases raging on?

To me, that is one of the biggest tragedies. That our citizens have been left stateless – nowhere else in the world has that happened? No other country left their nationals stranded on foreign shores.

We have filed a question asking how many nationals of Trinidad and Tobago have applied to come back home since the COVID lockdown over a year ago? On what grounds did they use it?

When you grant the exemption, on what grounds were they awarded the exemption? They have not answered these questions yet. And while they are answering that question, tell us why an aircraft from Israel arrived in Trinidad – how did they get entry?

Who granted them exemptions? Why were they granted exemptions? When our nationals are locked out, you have the Israelis flying in via a direct flight out of Tel Aviv.

The Israelis are well known for spyware and spy equipment. Why are Israelis in Trinidad and Tobago? On what basis were they granted exemptions?

Because no one can come in, whether national or non-national, but again it’s one law for the PNM and another for the rest of us. A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister had the gall to tell the people of this nation that if cases continue to rise, then there is no money for salary grants and help.

This, after many people, is still waiting for any kind of relief from this government.

The reason there is no money is that they splurged during the election.

They told you they were saving businesses when all they were trying to do was win marginal seats.

Had they indeed worked to save the economy, thousands of businesses wouldn’t have shut down at the start of the year. Shamefully, as cases continue to rise because they fail to manage the vaccine roll-out, they are baseless, without any sense or reason, imposing draconian measures on businesses once more.

Here we are with businesses already suffering in the economy they crashed before the Pandemic, yet they impose more lockdown measures without supporting policies to save them.

So what will happen to the laid-off workers due to the regulations for the next 21 days? What help will they give businesses who face the knockout punch with these rollback measures for the next 21 days? What are their plans for businesses and the economy if cases continue to rise?

Are they just going to lockdown and send everyone home without the ability to put a meal on their table? They don’t have a single plan on how to protect citizens and preserve the economy.


Apart from being a lawmaker by day and a lawbreaker by night, Faris the Landlord has expanded his portfolio to include contracts for his wife.

Getting work for your wife or spouse might sound like a good thing in any other industry, but the minute you are using the people’s money, it becomes a significant issue.

From millions every year in rent to who knows how much paid to his wife.

No other form of income other than taking taxpayers’ money while telling everyone else the treasury was empty.

Millions for Faris and family, but none for laptops, salary relief or grants for businesses to survive.

Do you know that when the PNM gutted the procurement act, they removed transparency of legal fees?

But hear the most disgusting part-the PNM retained Faris’ wife to fight a case involving school children seeking equitable access to scholarships!

Remember Rowley says he cut scholarships on merit. From now on, he is going to decide who will get scholarships and bursaries.

So some students decide to fight back and say no-we deserve to be awarded on merit-not on whether Rowley wants to reward us or not. So they took the state to court.

So poor students can’t get scholarships to send their bright children to university- But millions of dollars for Faris’ wife and family!

This is the PNM way- Children don’t matter -only friends and financers!

But remember Rowley told the nation that it is better to be a dunce!

They found every single reason not to open the Biche high school.

We built over 106 schools. Schools that we’re about to open but they left abandoned.

Today those schools have been left abandoned. In Biche, they victimised those children for years as there was no school close by. It was just spite and malice by the PNM.

They always come and lie, saying we “thief out the money” but I can show you how we spent the money.

I can point you to the schools and health centres we built. We can show you the roads, bridges and infrastructure that we made.

We built the Diego Martin Highway. We even built critical infrastructure like the Valencia Bypass.

We even bought laptops for every student. You will never be forgiven for the impact on the future and survival of our children.


While our children face an uncertain future and we adults face an uncertain today, the PNM friends, family and financiers are confident that their “bread buttered.”

While our children must now struggle for fewer scholarships, Faris and his wife collect millions through unscrupulous deals.

While our women continue to be victims, the Government seems to have again falsely promised to legalize pepper spray. Again, I say bring the pepper spray legislation, and once it is good law, we will support it.

My friends, the list of problems we face as a nation are never-ending, but I find solace in tomorrow that with the rising sun, a new day comes with it a unique chance and a new opportunity to make our nation a better place for everyone.