Read Here: St Lucia govt shares glimpse of Mango Expo 2022
Read Here: St Lucia govt shares glimpse of Mango Expo 2022

St Lucia: Mangoes are the focus of a joint venture between the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development and the Taiwanese Technical Mission.

The collaboration will lead to an exhibition or Expo for multiple mango recipes made available via mango recipe books, a mango eating competition and the sale of mango plants. The event christened ‘Tout Bagay Mango’ hopes to diversify the St Lucian Agricultural sector and provide employment opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

Taiwanese Technical Mission Chief Daniel Chen elaborates on the timeliness of the event. “Now is the perfect time for the mango so we can see, in the whole country we can see mango fruits around the country so. This activity we are inspired by the banana expo. That’s a perfect activity to promote the utilisation of bananas. So, it inspired us to use the mango. Why not do a similar activity. So not only this idea but also we try to help all the farmers, small business owners and of course the vocational training students. We try to make the possibility to encourage the awareness and consumption of mangoes, the best of Saint Lucia.”

The Expo will be held at Constitution Park in Castries on June 24, 2022 (Friday), from 10 am to 6 pm.

Preceding that day’s exhibition will include another highlight of the activities for that week. The Hospitality division of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College will host a cooking competition among its students on June 20, 2022 (Monday). One of the Project Managers of the Taiwanese Technical Mission, Sophia Jan, explains the competition places focus on different mango recipes.

“For those fifteen students can have the opportunity to either they want to cook mangoes appetisers or like a desert or beverage so we categorise into three different parts and the best performance will go to our mango festival opening ceremony to present the dishes to the honourable guests so I think in that day we will have not only student’s performance but also the Chefs of Sir Arthur Lewis, the Taiwanese Ambassador’s wife. We will also present how to present Taiwanese mangoes in the different dishes, so that will be a very exciting event in the opening ceremony that will have a joint venture with different institutions like the Taiwanese Technical Mission, The Taiwanese Embassy and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.”

The Taiwanese Technical Mission and the Ministry of Agriculture encourage the public to attend the events and show support to all participants.