Prez Ali visits State House to strengthen relations of Guyana and Canada

Prez Ali visits State House to strengthen relations of Guyana & Canada

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Guyana: President Dr. Irfaan Ali today received a courtesy visit at State House from Publisher of ‘Equality News’ Bhaskar Sharma.

The Canadian-based Guyanese was accompanied by Senior Counsel Jailall Kissoon. Mr. Sharma explained that meeting President Ali and briefing him on the publication coincided with its 40th Anniversary celebration.

He said, “Equality has always maintained a perfect balance; in other words, it is more important that we join hands overseas and here.”

Mr. Sharma, who is also a Director of ‘Discover your World Canada’, noted that tourism is one sector that can also benefit from discussions with the President. He said that he also aims to strengthen collaboration between Guyana and Canada.

A Guyana citizen commented, “Well done, Mr. Bhaskar Sharma. Thank you for your 40 years plus in keeping the diaspora informed. You are a pioneer.”

Furthermore, that citizen commented, “Despite the few negative/jealous comments, Mr. Sharma produced five tourism videos promoting Guyana. Publishes a weekly newspaper keeping the diaspora informed. The newspaper has been informative in particular during the important election period it provided crucial information/news to the diaspora.”

Douglas Raymond commented, “How did this guy end up being a guest and audience of the President? I was hoping you could show me your company and I tell you any way you are! He does not in anyway hold any capacity on behalf of Canada. How the hell is he strengthening collaboration between Guyana and Canada?”

On the other hand, citizen Mar Can, commented, “These are the words of Bhaskar Sharma in 2011. Do not trust him. He went from PNC to AFC.

This is precisely what we’re seeing happening to Jagdeo. That’s why he’s behaving in the manner he is. He has to realize that the PPP had its time. It is now time for new blood and fresh ideas. It is time for a change.”

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