Port of Spain: Teen killed by his own friends at Macoya Main Road

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Antonio Vierra, an 18-year-old teen, was accidentally killed by one of his accomplices during a shooting along the Macoya Main Road on Sunday, December 31, 2023.

It is to be noted that the deceased was also identified as T-man.

Notably, at around 5:40 pm, Vierra was accompanied by a group of men in a vehicle when they stopped along the Macoya Main Road near Gladioli Boulevard.

Further, the group suddenly then exited the vehicle and allegedly began shooting at another group of individuals. However, during the volley of shots, the deceased was accidentally slipped and shot by one of his accomplices.

In due course of time, the suspects subsequently returned to their vehicle and hurriedly escaped from the crime scene.

As soon as people got to know about the incident, they immediately informed the police and health centre. The police and the emergency health services officers were notified, and a team of officials from the northern division responded.

Noting this, they took Vierra to Hope Hospital. Notably, even after giving the medical treatment, the victim died after a short period of time.

Currently, the investigation and inquiries into the matter are being undertaken by PC France.

The news is spreading all over the social media pages. People took to their official Facebook accounts to share their opinions and views regarding this case.

One such person named Carla Hill commented, “It was a matter of time before we got a story like this. From previous videos of men shooting, you would see how close they were to their accomplices and how they shooting like wild men. It was bound to happen one day.”

While reacting to the news, another person by the name of Avi Wheeler-Mitchell wrote, “A perfect example of friends does carry you but won’t bring you back; they didn’t even think to drop him at a hospital entrance and drive off smh.”

Additionally, few comments are read as suggestions also. One such instance is by a person named Edward Pirtam, who remarked, “These young army and ttps officers can’t control temptation and is not matured and educated with basic knowledge to be recruited by these organizations. But then again the organization and the ones responsible for recruiting is corrupted. That’s why there’s so much crime these recruits have connections to criminals’ gangs leaders that is encouraged into these positions to retaliate and commit crimes for them.”

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