PM’s crudeness knows no bounds: UNC

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Trinidad and Tobago: UNC communications stated commentary on Prime Minister Keith Rowley on his crudeness.

The statement as follows:

Keith Rowley displays the same old nasty behaviour even while on his alleged covid-19 sickbed. His crudeness knows no bounds. But this should not come as an astonishment to anyone.

Even while the Express improperly condemns the Leader of Opposition and vulgarly associates her with cyber bullies and hate speech — for things she had NOT done – Keith Rowley was personally insulting me for actually wishing him well.

In quarantine, the Prime Minister derided my genuine and sincere wishes as a “sham”, and went further to call them the “fumbling insincere mumblings of the accented”.

This is Rowley’s normal, repellent attitude. Given the Express’s supposed deep concern about well wishes, where was the Express’s condemnation of Keith Rowley when his political colleague and Leader, the late Prime Minister Patrick Manning, was struck with a serious stroke that eventually ended his life?

It will be recalled that on a public political platform, Rowley took delight in telling his audience, “I want to tell you something. I from Mason Hall in Tobago. Mason Hall very close to Les Couteaux. 

The last time I was put out of anywhere, for anything, the person who put me out regretted it. [loud cheers] Remember I was in the Cabinet? Did I take issue with the behaviour of Calder Hart and Udecott? And what happened to me? I was put out of the Cabinet. The person who put me out regretted it.”

Did the Express ever find the time to condemn Keith Rowley for his cruelty toward his PNM colleague and Leader, Patrick Manning?

This extends beyond double standards. It is pure political mischief by the Express, going out of its way to predictably attack the Opposition.

Keith Rowley’s vile utterances fit together with his lack of human compassion and empathy, cruel policies, and constant, colossal lies. 

Even the post he made last evening on the Official Facebook page of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago about him having undergone an MRI examination yesterday has been proven to be a BIG LIE.

We ask the Express, how is it then the UNC’s fault that people ask questions about the actual state of the Prime Minister’s health? Like the boy who cried wolf, the population of Trinidad and Tobago have become cynical and lost all faith in the truth or sincerity of just about anything that comes out of Keith Rowley’s mouth.

Again, we wish to reiterate to the Express: The UNC is not responsible for the outpouring of hatred, scorn, and contempt toward the Prime Minister. Keith Rowley needs to take a look at the man in the mirror.

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