PM Terrance Drew highlights health sector advancements in St. Kitts and Nevis

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St. Kitts and Nevis: Dr. Terrance Drew, Prime Minister and Health Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis highlighted several of the positive changes that have been made to the health sector. 

Under the list of positive changes, first comes the honorarium that health workers received which earlier they were denied by team unity. Emphasizing on the scenario of the times then, the PM added that earlier, then Minister Wendy Phipps was given an honorarium of $40,000, however, the nurses and doctors on the frontline got nothing.

Adding to it, the health workers received an increase in their pay that suggests they would encourage them to do even better in their services. It also directs toward enhanced standards of living.

Not only this, but scholarships are now available for nurses to specialize. Such an introduction for the betterment of the nurses would surely lead to greater results that would foster specialized services to be given in the area. 

Considerably, Joseph N. France (JNF) Hospital of St. Kitts and Nevis reveals development in its services as there are specialists such as Neurologists and Endocrinologists available at the hospital. Along with this, most advanced equipment as well are available at JNF that promises all the best services to be availed to the ones seeking or requiring treatment.

The infrastructural development works at the JNF Hospital are steadily going to be done due to the ending years of roof leaking. Under such development, refurbishment of the foyer is also part of the plan.

Such refurbishment is being done under the part of Cable’s 40th Anniversary Community Project- JNF Hospital Lobby Renovation. And, all the changes being added are part of the enhancement of the work being done for the promotion of the health sector in the country. As through this, the residents would get the best possible and advanced amenities, resulting in improved quality of care as well as comfort and well-being of patients.

The Prime Minister further mentioned, “More to come. The people deserve it,” and stated that this is not the limit, there are many more advancements that are yet to be done for the country. He mentioned, “More to come. The people deserve it.”

George Henry
George Henry
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