PM Drew and Premier Brantley having discussion, credits to PM's Facebook Page

PM Terrance Drew and Mark Brantley plan island’s sustainable growth

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St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister, Terrance Drew, travelled to Nevis with the members of the Federal Cabinet for a formal meeting with the premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley.

The meeting aimed at formalizing joint cabinet discussions to achieve a sustainable island state. The discussions were for the betterment of the people and the country as a whole.

“Our discussions were productive, and we look forward to continued cooperation for the benefit of our people and our federation,” added the Prime Minister.

Geothermal power was a major topic. Two other main factors, a sustainable island state agenda and constitutional reform, were also discussed. 

The Prime Minister also shared the glimpses from the visit.  

All the Prime Minister’s actions reflect his responsibility for the country, for which even the public extends appreciation through their words.

“PM, I continue to be proud of your leadership thus far. Continue to stay above petty and party politics and be the leader that you were elected to be for the federation,” commented one of the citizens.

“Yes, it is not the federation of St Kitts only, Nevis is also included. By having more of these visits, we will be moving in the right direction,” mentioned another.

The words clearly state that even people are hopeful for the upcoming developments in the country. The collective efforts of both ministers, combined with the discussions with cabinet members, will surely give better results.

Even one added, “ Together St Kitts and Nevis will move mountains.”

Considerably, the Premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley welcomed the PM Drew with immense pleasure and this is so visible in the pictures shared.

PM Drew and Premier Mark Brantley in Nevis, credits to Facebook
PM Drew and Premier Mark Brantley in Nevis, credits to Facebook

Importantly, the discussions between them will foster the overall development of the island by moving towards the right direction.