PM Philip Davis highlight the goals to secure food service during Caribbean Agricultural Week. (Picture credits: Google)

PM Philip Davis aims to safeguard agricultural sector

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Nassau, Bahamas: Prime Minister Philip Davis opened The Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA) at Breezes Resort and Spa in Nassau, Bahamas, on October 9, 2023, under the theme, “Accelerating Vision 25 by 2025”.

The conference of Caribbean Week of Agriculture was held during the 50th independence anniversary of the Bahamas. The day marked the 50th anniversary of the CARICOM as well.

The conference offered a diversity of workshops supported by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Bahamas- Philip Davis as a keynote speaker.

Highlights of the Conference:

Various topics have been covered at the conference, such as:

  1. Strengthening Women’s Role in Agriculture
  2. CARICOM Youth Dialogue
  3. Strengthening resilience
  4. Animal and plant health
  5. Investment opportunities
  6. Water security
  7. Biosafety
  8. Climate change
  9. Trade facilitation
  10. Value chain development

Prime Minister Davis aims for agriculture development:

Prime Minister Davis addressed the gathering and extended his heartfelt welcome to the people who made their presence there.

He emphasized the issues of food security and took the initiative to secure the productivity of food in the region.

Prime Minister Davis admitted that the nation is facing a threat in the agricultural sector due to climate change, which impacts the financial conditions of many people. The theme is emerging hope that these obstacles could be overcome with the efforts of citizens.

The main priority of the time is to make real and unshakeable progress to bring down the imports by 25 per cent by 2025 and to make the Caribbean agricultural sector into an ultra-modern and strong industry.

The key pillar of the theme of Agriculture Week is to promote sustainable farming practices which will support the economic, environmental and social growth of the nation.

Strategies to safeguard agriculture:

There is no doubt in saying that Caribbean nations are facing severe storms and extremely high temperatures, which is a great threat to agriculture. There is a need to make strategies which can boost the development of agriculture and improve crop yields, such as:

  • Remote sensing technologies
  • Precision agriculture techniques
  • Data Analytics

Prime Minister Davis also suggested including youths in the agricultural sector as they can support their nation by thinking creatively.

The event showcased an exhibition of BAIC’S artisans, which includes: 

– Pia Stubbs: Infinity Bath & Body Essentials

– Chavoya Rolle: She Sells and Seashells

– Monifa Unjing: Essentially you

Glimpses of BAIC's artisans exhibition. (Credits: Bahamas agriculture & industrial corporation, Facebook)
Glimpses of BAIC’s artisans exhibition. (Credits: Bahamas agriculture & industrial corporation, Facebook)

This artisan’s exhibition attracted many people and became the limelight of the event.