PM Chastanet visits progress of Hewanorra International Airport

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St Lucia: St Lucian Prime Minister Allen Chastanet visited the site preparation of the airport redevelopment project.

St Lucian Prime Minister Allen Chastanet wrote, “As some of you may be well aware, work has begun on the Hewanorra International Airport.”


A few weeks ago, he got an opportunity to tour the site construction, which is currently ongoing on the gigantic infrastructure project in our country’s history.

When most individuals think of an airport, they tend to only think of the advantages to the tourism sector when tourism is only one of the numerous beneficiaries of this immense ecosystem.

The Airports also play a significant role in the economic growth of any country. They facilitate the efficient movement of people, products, and materials, thereby fostering incremented trade, employment, and business opportunities.

Airports have the potential to support employment generation. Direct employment chances include workers from the construction industry when the airport is being built. 

In our St Lucia, we estimate well over 500 individuals will benefit from employment during the construction phase.

Once construction is complete, an essential number of new jobs will be created. This is needed for a range of services, including airport operations and administration, aircraft maintenance, storage facilities, charter services, and leasing occupations. The government of St Lucia also expect this to create hundreds of new permanent occupation.

The new airport will also open new international markets for St Lucian local farmers, fishermen, agro-processors, producers, creative talent, and tourism providers.

The availability of airports supplies a thrust to the GDP of the local region, having a positive impact on the national-level economy. Airports also serve as an enabler of various industries. A significant part of our national economic stimulus program is underway. 

Apart from the airport redevelopment project, the vaccination drive is on its verge in the nation—effective March 17th curfew adjusted to 9:00 PM in the St Lucia.

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